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Thursday, April 2, 2009 - A GREAT Website for Animal Lovers

I would like to thank Barbara Kohn for the very complimentary story she wrote about my book and my efforts to help shelter dogs. We met on Twitter, which I have been trying to get the hang of and she is really helpful in that area. I WAS addicted to Facebook but now I have a Twitter problem. It is a good thing it is blocked at work or I would be fired.

I have been transporting a lot since the weather has improved. I have driven Ms. Gotti, a sweet little pit bull, a couple of Anatolian Shepherds - Ivy and Ramzi, and a blind albino doberman named Tuck. Tuck was a sad, sad case of breeding gone very wrong plus he was starving to death. He was so thin that the previous driver stopped to buy him a TShirt to keep him warm on the transport. He is safe now in a loving foster home with a lady experienced in caring for blind dogs.

Most of these dogs have photos uploaded to my Amazon site under "customer images" if you would like to see them.

My book is also featured this month in the wonderful American Dog has Denis Leary and his family on the cover. There are many stories in this issue devoted to Animal Heroes such as Dogs Deserve and Best Friends Animal Society and many others. Please pick it up at the newstand.

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