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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Pit Bull Saturday

On March 14  my husband and I  had the pleasure of driving Ms. Gotti, a sweet 1 year old pit bull who found herself in the Toledo Ohio dog pound.

She has been rescued by the Bark Ark Bully Rescue in Cincinnati. 

Such a beautiful, happy little dog. She was a little underweight at 45 pounds and rode very well in the car. She did insist however that she sit in the passenger seat and not the backseat with me, so I let her.When we arrived at the meeting spot for
 Elisabeth to meet us and take her home to the rescue, we played in the grass for awhile. She was very strong and we really had to hold on to her. But we got lots of pit bull kisses. No one kisses better than a pit bull...don't believe the media hype.

After being at the rescue for a few days, Ms. Gotti was found to have a unique ability to catch a Frisbee in mid-air and is now training to be an agility dog! 

We are so thankful to Bark Ark Bully Rescue in Cincinnati for their continuing devotion to rescuing and rehoming this wonderful loving breed of dog. They find RESPONSIBLE pet owners who understand their special needs and traits so they can stay in their new homes forever.

Please check out their rescue website and help them if you are able.

Ms. Gotti says THANKS!!!!

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  1. Debbie,

    She looks like a sweet dog. Enjoyed reading about her.