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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is Snoopy, not yet a year old and on death row in a Georgia dog pound.

He has done nothing wrong, and neither did his owners who had to surrender him. They had both lost their jobs and had no choice but to take him to a local shelter. Snoopy was loved and well taken care of. He was all up to date with his shots, neutered and well-behaved. Another victim of the poor economy, Snoopy was set to be put up for adoption. But shortly after being put in a cold dark kennel, his personality changed for the worse.

After being used to a family environment, he quickly became frightened and snapped at the shelter workers. So instead of being given 3 days to be adopted, they moved up his euthanasia date to the next day!

Then, dog rescuers from every part of the country saw his story on FACEBOOK, posted by Terrie Scott of M.A.R.S. Safe Haven Rescue in Ohio, and quickly went into action. Terrie was determined not to let this little life be snuffed out. Because she was an 8 hour drive away and could not get there in time to adopt him, she begged on the internet for others who were closer to PLEASE go to the shelter, or CALL the shelter and ask them to put a hold on Snoopy because someone was coming for him. The shelter said they could not hold him. Terrie was up all night with Snoopy's last hours drawing to a close. Everyone who got her urgent emails, including me, forwarding them to anyone we might know who could physically get to the shelter in time to save Snoopy. Just under the wire someone was found to claim him and get him out of there. RuffusRescue of Cobb County went to the shelter to get Snoopy. Terrie's husband, just returning from a business trip overseas, got in his car in Ohio and drove 8 hours each way to bring him to safety at Terrie's rescue. No longer scared, Snoopy was all wiggles and licks in the car with the 81 year old woman who dog sat for him until his ride to Ohio arrived. SNOOPY IS SAFE.

That is the good news.

30 other dogs died that morning in the Clayton County Georgia dog pound by heartstick. It is just what it sounds like. No last minute rescue came for them. They were just as scared at the end as Snoopy was in that cold dark place, but no one spoke for them.

We try. Every single person I know in dog rescue goes to bed close to tears every night thinking of the ones we could NOT save, their pictures haunt us, their sad eyes, and the thought of a life that will never be. Sometimes it is just too much and we do not look at our emails for a while. We think "what good are we doing?" There are always MORE that are being dumped everyday, maybe for financial reasons, maybe for stupid doesn't matter. Are we even making a difference?

The heroes of this story include Terrie Scott and her husband for above and beyond caring for this dog, Capt. Mark Thompson and Officer Terry Bartlett of the Clayton County Police Department for helping save Snoopy, as well as a HUGE thank you for RUFFUSRESCUE.ORG for going to the shelter for Snoopy. And the HUNDREDS of responses I saw on FACEBOOK desperately trying to find a solution. That is social networking at it's BEST!

The villains in this story are all those people who consider their pets as "disposable" or "just a dog", and all those pet owners who do not spay and neuter their pets. In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, more than 200 dogs are put to death EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are just as cute as Snoopy and their lives matter just as much as his does.

There are just not enough homes or last minutes rescues for them all.


Sunday, April 12, 2009



I am very disheartened by the news that the Obamas did not follow through on their promise to adopt a "shelter dog" and get a "mutt like me". They too have adopted a pure bred dog from a breeder, just like Joe Biden did. I was so hoping that this administration would not continue the lies to the public. We were led on, time and time again by President Obama when he was a candidate and even since the election that he would NOT go to a breeder.

What message did this send to all the shelters around the country? I feel so bad for them. And regardless of what you will hear on the morning news show, there ARE indeed Portuguese Water Spaniels in shelters, even puppies, available. There is no excuse for lying to the public to get the votes of the dog lovers in this country and I will not forget it. In the whole scheme of things I know it is a LITTLE thing, but not really. It speaks to his character and we have had enough leaders with no character in the past 20 years to last a lifetime. He had a chance to make a difference in the way people view shelters dogs as valuable or "damaged" and he blew it. If this matters to you as much as it does to me, do not hesitate to let the President know about it at the website.

SO if YOU are looking for a BEST FRIEND, don't do what the Obamas and the Bidens did. Go to a local shelter and save TWO lives...the one you take home with you and the one who will take his place at the shelter and get off the street.



Thursday, April 2, 2009 - A GREAT Website for Animal Lovers

I would like to thank Barbara Kohn for the very complimentary story she wrote about my book and my efforts to help shelter dogs. We met on Twitter, which I have been trying to get the hang of and she is really helpful in that area. I WAS addicted to Facebook but now I have a Twitter problem. It is a good thing it is blocked at work or I would be fired.

I have been transporting a lot since the weather has improved. I have driven Ms. Gotti, a sweet little pit bull, a couple of Anatolian Shepherds - Ivy and Ramzi, and a blind albino doberman named Tuck. Tuck was a sad, sad case of breeding gone very wrong plus he was starving to death. He was so thin that the previous driver stopped to buy him a TShirt to keep him warm on the transport. He is safe now in a loving foster home with a lady experienced in caring for blind dogs.

Most of these dogs have photos uploaded to my Amazon site under "customer images" if you would like to see them.

My book is also featured this month in the wonderful American Dog has Denis Leary and his family on the cover. There are many stories in this issue devoted to Animal Heroes such as Dogs Deserve and Best Friends Animal Society and many others. Please pick it up at the newstand.