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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ohio SPCA: Investigating, Taking Action, Saving Lives

The Ohio SPCA is the reason I began transporting dogs back in 2002. Early in this video you will see Hooch, the black Newfoundland mix we helped to save from Pike County. That summer the Ohio SPCA saved over 200 dogs from a county where they used a homemade gas box to kill the homeless dogs. Not only was that illegal but inhumane. The dogs did not die quickly, they suffered horribly. Since that time the Ohio SPCA has gone on to challenge many other Ohio counties to change the way they euthanize and to comply with even the minimal state cruelty laws. In October of this year they were successful in getting the gas box dismantled at the Fayette County dog pound after threatening to sue.

Here is a very heart-warming photo of the old gas box being demolished!

Many rural counties want to do things the CHEAPEST, EASIEST way...but that is not the kindest way and the animals are the ones who suffer. That is who the Ohio SPCA speaks for.

As long as they can continue to exist, the OHIO SPCA will be "the Voice for the Animals in Ohio", but they are a SMALL group of VOLUNTEERS  with a SMALL budget. Even though the name is SPCA, they receive NOTHING from the national ASPCA...they exist only from the donations of animal lovers like you.

Right now they have an URGENT need to buy 1200 bales of hay at only $3 each to be able to feed their 100 rescued farm animals with special needs on their 40 acre sanctuary in Pickaway County Ohio. I visited there in September and met some of the rescued goats. Below is a picture of one of the special needs goats named ANGEL..They are all  VERY CHARMING.  But they will not survive this coming winter without food and hay. The OHIO SPCA will not survive this harsh season without your continued financial support.

If you become a member between now and December 20, I will be sending you a FREE, signed copy of my book "Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale"...that is how much I believe in what they are doing at the OHIO SPCA. It will make a great gift for you to give to a dog lover this Christmas and at the same time you will be insuring that the animals on the farm are fed, and investigations into abuse situations can continue.

There is MUCH to be done in Ohio as far as animal cruelty is concerned, and we need the OHIO SPCA to survive to be the ones to step up and SPEAK OUT when no one else does.

PLEASE support them with your donations. Send your tax deductible donations to P.O. Box 546
Grove City, OH and for a membership of $25 or more, I will send you a free, signed copy of Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale".

I was just telling Nellie, one of the many rescued goats, about how all of you kind hearted people were going to help feed them this winter. She says she will try not to be so worried anymore. HURRY! It is getting COLD!!


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