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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Dogs and a Man Fighting Canine Cancer

Today I had the great pleasure to meet Luke Robinson and his two dogs Murphy and Hudson. They are on a walking journey from Austin to Boston to raise awareness and money for research on cancer in our canine friends. Luke became interested in this idea when he lost his best friend Malcolm to bone cancer. His dog was diagnosed in 2004 when he was only 6 and fought bravely for 2 years.

Just this past Christmas, my sister lost her 11 year old shih tzu Camille to cancer in her chest. It has been a very hard winter for our family. We miss her very much. My other sister's sweet 12 year old pit bull Jasmine is suffering from osteosarcoma.

I lost my "heartdog" Sam to cancer in 2002 when he was 11. When I adopted Sam at age 7 he had melanoma on his face. We got him radiation treatments at the University of Cincinnati by Dr. David Denman, a radiation oncologist at UC. He gave me five more years with Sam, almost. That's 35 years in dog years. But it was still too soon when he developed a brain tumor in 2002 and I had to let him rest.

If every dog owner who has been touched by this dreaded disease would go to Luke's website and donate to this cause, maybe we can save more dogs in the future.

And if they walk near your city, please take the opportunity to go meet with them and thank Luke for what he is doing for our "best friends". You can see a map of where they will be walking on their website that I have linked above. If you "twitter" you can also follow them there. I just learned to twitter myself!

Thanks Luke!

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