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Thursday, January 15, 2009


EVERY SINGLE DAY I get email pleas for help to save a dog, either in a neglect situation or found as a stray and now impounded in a kill shelter on his last few days. They all break my heart and there is so little I can do to help. My best weapon in this fight is the computer keyboard and all the contacts I have made these last 7 years of transporting. I keep meticulous records. I heard from this email that we have dogs, a rottweiler and a Dalmatian, chained up their whole lives in Kentucky and finally their owners have been convinced that they DESERVE a better life...Check out Dogs Deserve for a life changing experience. They have given permission for someone to take their dogs and find them a rescue.

Here is their story so told by a family member rescuing them.

"Dog # 1 is Turk, a male 11 year old neutered Dalmation. He cannot hear and did not even get up when I was there to take pictures. He has been chained his whole life after being dumped on my cousin's farm. At least they brought him in the basement because we are having below zero temperatures and wind chill. But he is old and just needs a warm loving inside home for the rest of his life. The igloo is where he usually is chained up to. He is very skinny, and they said they have been feeding him extra but he looks emaciated.

Dog # 2 is Daisy, a female 6 year old Rottweiler who is kept way back behind my other cousin's house. They only go back there every other day to feed and water her, she is in a pen and has a barn-like structure with hay and a heat lamp to sleep in. They let me get her out of the pen to meet her and take pictures, and she took off running and ran straight for the house. She is absolutely adorable, so lovable and sweet, and longs to be part of the family, which she never has been. She is spayed, but not housebroken, and was curious about the cat, but did not attack it. She is a short, stocky cutie who just leaned into me and wanted lots of lovin.

Please cross-post this to everyone you know so we can find these two deserving dogs their forever home. I will
help with transporting them too. Thank you,"

So I did what she asked and I crossposted to all my contacts with Dalmation Rescue and within MINUTES a wonderful organization called Second Chance Dalmation Rescue said they will take Turk, the 11 year old emaciated dog who had been CHAINED HIS WHOLE LIFE.. All we now need is a driver to get him to Columbus. That is my specialty, besides typing and crossposting and knowing a lot of good rescue people. I volunteered to take him to Columbus to their vet on Saturday morning. We are waiting on news that Daisy the Rottie has found a rescue in Columbus hopefully and I can drive BOTH of them. Our only regret is that we can't leave RIGHT NOW to get them out of sub-zero temps tonight. I dont know how I will sleep knowing they are cold. Actually that is a BIG part of my bad sleeping habits...thinking too much about who is cold tonight, dogs, cats, homeless people. They all make me sad.

But if we save these two dogs this weekend, it'll be another victory for the good guys. I only pray that Turk has a few really good years left in him to enjoy a warm loving family.

HAPPY UPDATE!!! Early this morning (Friday) I got an email that a volunteer from Second Chance Dalmation Rescue is driving down from Columbus to get Turk TODAY so I do not have to transport Saturday. And it gives him an EXTRA day of WARMTH and LOVE for the first time in his life! Such good people.

NOW PLEASE SOMEBODY, RESCUE THE ROTTIE, Daisy. Dont leave her there alone.

Will continuously update.....

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  1. Debbie,

    That's a wonderful outcome for Turk. Hoping the other finds a safe warm place as well.